1968 Shelby Cobra GT 350

Dennis's 68 GT 350 pix

Owned by Dennis Begley, Bloomington, MN

I found this Shelby Mustang just outside Defiance Ohio, frozen to its axle in ice in front of the first owner's mobile home. The year was 1982. (If you want to read the story of how I found it as printed in the Old Fort Mustangers Newsletter, PonyTalk, click the link down below.) Its been with me ever since. Red with black interior. Built in roll bar. 4 Speed. The 302 was rebuilt as a HiPo with headers, a COBRA aluminum hi-rise with a Holley 4-barrell on top. Air craft shoulder harness. Except for the engine work and the NOS aluminum wheels, I tried to keep it as close to stock as I could.

image of the 68 Cobra emblem If you want to read more about the 1968 Shelby Cobra GT 350 click here. You can read several articles about the Shelby cars from there. If you'd like to read about how my friend, Biff, and I bought the car and got it to my place in the dead of winter choose this page.

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Story of My 1968 GT 350

There are a couple of versions of how I managed to find my 1968 GT 350. At this sitting I was unable to locate my original version. I'll find it and post it here. However, I did find a copy of my friend, Biff Hitzeman's, recount of the adventure. If you hit that page you might want to read this one or some of the other articles from Biff's Rap I have posted there.

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