Stripe Specs for Shelby Mustangs

I've had a lot of requests for the specifications for the stripes on Shelby Mustangs. I located the information in an old Shelby American issue of SAAC. This diagram is a copy from Shelby American. Thanks to SAAC for providing it.

Note that the stripes are not equal width. They start narrower in the front and gain width as they progress over the car. Pete Brock designed the stripes for the Mustangs.  The 1965 GT 350's had stripes from the factory. According to SAAC, later most, if not all, cars were shipped without stripes. Many 1966 GT 350's were ordered without stripes. Apparently the dealers could install them cheaper than the factory. By 1967, fewer cars received the "rallye stripes".  They attracted a lot more attention from the local police. Hardly any 1968 cars were striped. The distance between the stripes is a constant 2 inches.

stripes.jpg (39272 bytes)


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