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Modify Your Mustang 
Last update on this page was on Thursday, April 19, 2001

Keeping them running

- Electronic ignition

-Lowering your Mustang
- Traction Bars
- Mont Carlo Bars

'65 Shelby Quick Steering
R-Model Alignment

Total Control Products for how your old Mustang handles
 (TCP also built the suspensions for Eleanor in the Nicholas Cage "Gone in 60 Seconds.")
Article on installing rack & pinion on an old Mustang from

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Hi Performance
Super Chargers & turbo chargers
Roller Cam conversion article
Swapping a T5 Transmission into an early Mustang
Porting the heads on your small block

1965 Models

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1966 Models

1967 Models

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1968 Models

1969-70 Models


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