1965 Steering Boxes

The Ford Mustang shop manuals show three different steering boxes.

1) HHC-AT is the stock Mustang box used with manual steering. The ratio is 19:1. It is often referred to as 20:1.

2) HHC-AX is the special maunal steering box standard on the GT Mustangs and cars with heavy duty suspension. The ratio is 16:1.

3) HHC-AW is for cars with power steering. The ratio is 16:1.

The only difference between the power steering unit and the special manual is the amount of pre-load on the worm shaft bearing (4-5in./lbs. on the special manual and 3-4 in./lbs. on the power steering.) 

Once the Pitman and idler arms are connected the ratios are calculated differently. The standard Mustang ratio is 19:1 without the Pitman and idler arms and 27:1 with.  The special box (used on the Shelby Mustangs) without the Pitman and idler arms is 16:1. With the stock Pitman and idler arms, the ratio is 22:1, with the Shelby American Pitman and idler arms, the ratio is 19:1. Of course, the Shelby setup provided quicker steering.

Yes, you can use the Shelby Pitman and idler arms on any stock Mustang for much quicker steering.


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