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New Page 1 Jakc Miller 1968 GT 500 KR

1968 GT 500 KR

Mvc-030f.jpg (37391 bytes) An example of a 1968 GT 500 KR ( King of the Road)

A four speed car. White with black interior. Rear built in spoiler. Very nice car and very quick.

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Mvc-031f.jpg (39265 bytes) Rear mounted radio antenna, functional air scoop on the top of the sides for drawing air into the cockpit.  Under the hood was a 428 Cobra Jet engine rated at 335 horse power. The output was much higher than that. Remember these were the years of increasing car insurance rates based on the manufacturers horsepower ratings.
Mvc-032f.jpg (36652 bytes) Thunderbird sequential tail lights. Custom dual exhaust. No where does it say Mustang on the 1968 Shelby Mustangs. Called a Shelby Cobra to keep the name Cobra in front of the public because Shelby American had stopped producing Cobras prior to 1968. Shelby had intentions of reviving the Cobra which he finally did recently.
Mvc-033f.jpg (31650 bytes) Functional air scoop on the hood. The 1967 hood scoops made too much noise so the Shelby American team came up with a scoop across the front of the good with vents cut in the fiber glass to let the air out.  The KRs came stock with "ram air". The scoop openings had a fiberglass piece under the hood the the low restriction aircleaner fit into forcing a flow of air to the cleaner and the engine. Greater volume of air, greater horse power.


Mvc-034f.jpg (35695 bytes) Standard fog lights.

Note that the 1969 Mustangs, especially the  Mach 1, resembled the design of the 1968 Shelby Cobra. Dual headlights, pseudo side scoops

Mvc-035f.jpg (63404 bytes) Stock GT Mustang interior with wood grain dash, steering wheel insert and side door panels. Shelby American added a wood grain console and oil pressure and amp gauge. Tilt wheel was a standard option as was a fold down rear seat.

Also stock in the 1968 Shelby Cobras was a padded roll bar, not pictured here, just behind the front seats.

The door sills had a Shelby American log inserted over the stock Ford Mustang one.

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