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King of the Road!

Carroll Shelby has pulled the trick of the year. He's combined Ford's new drag champion 428 Cobra Jet
engine with his complete road car, the Cobra GT 500. Result? Cobra GT 500-KR. . . King of the Road.

Drag champion engine?   The 428 Cobra Jet  grabbed  Super  Stock   Eliminator  honors at the Ponoma
Winternationals.  It delivers 335  hp  at  5400 rpm, churns up   440  lbs/ft  of  torque  at  a  usable 3400.
Look  for  0  to  60  times  that  will  snap   your  eyeballs!   "Hot Rod"  Magazine calls it ". . . the fastest
running Pure Stock in the history of man."

The  complete  Shelby  Cobra  GT   is  ready-made for the "all-there" Cobra Jet.  Power is controlled by
adjustable shocks,  heavy-duty suspension,  four-speed transmission  (with   automatic a low cost option),
beefy  driveline  and  torque-sensitive  locking  rear.  All   standard  -  along  with  16-to-1 ratio steering,
high performance tires, power disc front brakes. These essentials -- plus safety features, luxury interiors
and  limited-edition styling--are engineered in, not just offered as options.

The game is Follow-the-Leader.  The name of the game is Cobra GT 500-KR.  Or  play a  slightly  tamer
game with the Cobra GT 350.  But make your play at your Shelby dealer. . . today.

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