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Ron Stevens'
1968 GT 500KR

68  GT 500 KR 1b.jpg (69261 bytes)

This 1968 GT 500 KR has a 428 CJ Engine, C-6 Automatic Transmission. The original saddle interior is in the car, as well as the original am/fm radio, tilt-a-way steering, the clock still works. This California car was re-painted in 1994 from Lime Green Metallic.

The car has a race history in the late 70's, the rear ladder traction bars are still on the car. Motor and transmission under-went major restoration in 1996, all new front and rear suspension, & Koni Shocks. The original build sheet was found behind dash.

68 GT 500 KR 4b.jpg (34119 bytes)

Note the two small white up-side-down Armadillos below the driver's side mirror. The prior owner, Ron Stevens, added the Shelby 10 spokes, LeMans Stripes, Monte Carlo bar and Autolite battery.


A nice picture of the interior of this fine GT 500 KR.


The car was signed by Carroll Shelby in 1996 and has been certified by Shelby twice.

The 428 Super Cobra Jet engine under the hood of this GT 500 KR.

68 KR Original Color.jpg (121357 bytes)
The car in its original color.

This is a real strong car. It had some impressive 1/4 mile times running at the Texas International Speedway in 1996, 13.749 ET @ 102.72 MPH.