Eleanor- "Gone in 60 Seconds"
A Modified & Customized 1967 Mustang
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Aren't these great pictures of Eleanor? This '67 Mustang was modified to become a customized Shelby GT500 for the movie. The front air dam was not available as an option in 1967. The hood is non-stock without an open hood scoop. Eleanor has side exhaust pipes painted the color of the body. And this car has aftermarket wheels and high speed, low profile radial tires and rims.

Shelby Mustangs built in 1967 came with side scoops, roll bar and fog lights. The fog lights on this car are not in a stock position. The fog lights from the factory were mounted in front of the radiator.

These awesome pictures were taken by Carl Chivers at the Peterson Automobile Museum, Los Angeles, California, in June 2000 when the car was on display. Carl graciously loaned these images for you to view. If you want more information or want to email Carl, click here

Even though this GT 500 looks awesome and preformed the same, the factory GT 500's are also great cars. That year was the last year for Shelby Mustangs at Shelby American in California. The factory assembly was moved to Michigan. The 1968-70 Shelby Mustangs were all built in Michigan. The stock GT 500's came with Ford 428 Police Interceptor engines. Rated at 355 horsepower, the engine was under rated for insurance reasons. The GT 500 sold new for $4,195. In the movie Memphis says Eleanor was worth $80,000. Restored GT 500's sell for $40,000-$60,000. (By the spring of 2005 that price went over $100,000.)