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1966 Viper  rear view
1966 Viper front view
1992 red Viper
1992 red Viper


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Rear view of the Viper convertible coupe. It is one of the first such models to be sold; an English pop musician bought it.  Painted in American racing colors, this Viper could hold its own against almost all of the world's sports cars.


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James Bond's famous creator, Ian Fleming, used to live in the house behind this 1996 Viper. Nestled beneath the White Cliffs of Dover, the house faces across the English Channel to France; an excellent setting for the brooding Viper to be in.  One can imagine 007 running out of the house and jumping into the Viper to take part in another adventure of world-saving derring-do.

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xviper.gif (51167 bytes) Chrysler launched the decade's instant legend when it allowed Dodge to produce the mighty V-10 Viper. The Viper's incredible styling is all sports, with no gimmicks. In 1992, the Viper was a roadster, not a convertible because it did not have roll-up windows.

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After years of doldrums, Chrysler came back with a bang, thanks to Lee Iacocca. In the nineties Chrysler stole a march on everyone with its smart "cab-forward" styling. A six-speed transmission services the all-aluminum V-10 engine, which is alarmingly quick.

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