by Nicky Wright

1908 Runabout
1937 Touring
1939 Coupe
1956 Sedan
1930 Phaeton
1917 Touring Car

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All images on this page taken and copyrighted by Nicky Wright

.67sc4.JPG (8571 bytes) A 1908 "Thirty" Runabout
1937 Super 8 Touring Packard .shelby.gif (50780 bytes)
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007.jpg (44804 bytes). 1939 2 Passenger Packard Coupe
1956 Executive 4-Door Sedan .gt3051.jpg (19874 bytes)
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.phaeton.gif(24950 bytes) A beautiful picture of a 1930 Custom Phaeton model 740

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touring.jpg (31595 bytes) 1917 Twin Six 7 Passenger
Touring Packard in a beautiful setting.


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