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This is just a few of the pictures Nicky has of this automobile.

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The 1929 Duesenberg J with a body by Walter Murphy of Pasadena. The style became known as the "boat-tailed speedster", but Murphy's own description was Disappearing Top Torpedo Convertible Coupe. At least 5 were built. Behind the passenger compartment was a rumble seat for one. See the engine below.

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pinkconvert.jpg (39034 bytes) The 1929 Duesenberg Model J engine was a remarkable piece of machinery with a twin-cam in-line eight engine of racing pattern. It had a claimed output of 265hp, boosted to 320hp when a supercharger was used. These figures were disputed, but it far exceeded any other American car at the time. See the dash below..
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The instrument panel was described by its makers as one of the beauty spots of the car. The surface was brass, finished in engine-turned oxidized chromium plated strips. All the instruments have black dials  with white numbers. The speedometer read to 150mph and the tachometer to 5,000rpm, though maximum speed was developed at 4,200rpm. Other instruments included a water temp gage, brake pressure gage, ammeter, altimeter, gasoline gage, carburetor choke, ignition lock, and lights for oiler, oil change and battery water.

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One of the most striking designs is this 1931 Duesenberg J Convertible Victoria by Rollston. The raked windshield, long, flowing front fenders and the low roof line blend into a cohesive whole. Here is the car that sums up the Great Gatsby generation; rich, elegant, and irresponsibly free. 31duesneberg (19874 bytes)


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29duesen.gif (40743 bytes) Another view of a beautiful 1929 Duesenberg J Boat-tailed Speedster.



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