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53vette.gif 1953 Corvette Convertible
Harley Earl loved European sports cars, and after a 30-month development program between Harley's Art & Color Studio and Chevrolet, the Corvette became a reality. The body was fiberglass (and remains so today) and the engine an anemic six-cylinder Blue Flame Six that didn't excite anybody, least of al the Corvette.

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The 1954 Corvette was still a roadster and not yet a convertible: wind-up windows came in 1956. Poor performance and equally poor sales had Chevrolet and GM wondering whether to shelve the sports car project. Fortunately, they didn't, and the Corvette became the world-class sports car it is today.

.54 Vette

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63 StingRay
The 1963 Corvette Sting Ray was the first Corvette to bear Bill Mitchell's   distinctive imprint. "Going like Hell just Sitting Still"

The Sting Ray was also the first production GM car to have concealed headlights. The wrap- around split rear window was controversial; many people found it gave poor visibility, but to Mitchell, it was an essential part of the design. Even so, he was forced to abandon it on the 1964 Sting Ray.
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Corvettes underwent only minor changes from 1964 to 1968. Under the hood, however, there were increasingly powerful V8 engine options. While the original '63 engine gave 250hp from 327 cubic inches, in 1965 you could have a 396 ci giving 425hp;and in 1966 displacement was 427 cubic inches.  

67 Vette
A 1967 Corvette Coupe

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1968 Vette
1968 Chevy Corvette

Chevrolet's Corvette got a complete redesign in 1968 and 7 inches in extra length. The 98-inch wheelbase remained the same. Critics weren't too keen on the new Corvette, stating it was overweight and clumsy. It was extremely fast, nontheless.
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