Commercial use of Pictures by
Nicky Wright

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             Nicky Wright's auto photograph inventory includes over 38,000 different pictures and slides of many different types of automobiles and backgrounds.  Some have been used in books he has written, calendars he has sponsored, pre-paid phone cards, etc.  There are excellent pictures for all the above.   If you would have an interest in using a certain photo for commercial use, it is a possibility, but must be licensed through Nicky Wright Studios, Ltd.   The pictures shown are of low quality for internet use.  The originals are of the highest quality. 

Imagine a pre-paid phone card with your favorite car on it - and your ad -

dens68a.gif (23445 bytes) Or a calendar with 12 different automobiles and your advertisement.  These pictures are of the very highest quality and will compliment any form of advertisement you can dream up.
Use of any picture MUST be cleared and licensed through Nicky Wright Studios.

To reach Nicky Wright Studios Ltd:

In the United States: In the United Kingdom:
Nicky Wright Studios, Ltd.
405 East madison Street
Marshall, MI 49068

Nicky Wright Studios, Ltd.
107 East Cornelia Street
Hicksville, OH 43526

Tel: 219 781 2135
      419 542 8249
Fax:419 542 8205


Nicky Wright Studios Ltd
55 West Street
West Sussex PO19 1RU

Tel: UK 01243 781122
Fax: UK 01243 779951

Soon Nicky's  photos can be seen at the NATMUS - National Automobile and Truck Museum in Auburn, Indiana. Come back often and we will keep you updated on that project.

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