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67sc4.JPG (8571 bytes) 1931 CadillacV16 with Town Car body by Fleetwood. Pennsylvania Fleetwood bodies were distinguished by the V-type windshields shown here. Shown blow is the motif.
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1959 Series 62
The Cadillac line was completely restyled for 1959, with a new grill described as a "glittering cliff of chrome", distinctive roof lines, and, of course, those fins. Taillights were in the horizontal pods springing from the center of the fins. Backup lights were recessed in the outer pods of the rear bumper.

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31 Cadillac Viewed from the side, this 1931 Cadillac model 452A All-Weather Phaeton has a more sedate appearance than many of its companions. Not as fleet as the Imperial, not as racy as the Duesenberg, Cadillac's formality was a great sales point.
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A 1953 Series 62 Convertible - a glamorous car in it own right, with new interior choices in one or two-tone colors, and optional wire wheels. Factory options included power steering and an Electronic Eye automatic headlight beam control.

1953 Cadillac Convertible
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1959 Cadillac Huge Cadillac tailfins outstripped any thing Chrysler had to offer. The grill theme was repeated in the rear. On the plus side, there were handling, suspension, and steering improvements, but as convertibles go, the 1959 Cadillac Series 62 was too big to be fun anymore.
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The Cadillac Sixty Special was a style leader and a very good looking car. It was selected by the book Style in industrial Products 1900-1960 as one of the greatest designs of the period. Cadillac 60
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cad60grill.gif (27526 bytes) The grill shows the strong Cord influence. it was made of die-cast zinc alloy by GM's Ternstedt Division, and though brittle and given to pitting, it was a prestige item and was said to exert a powerful positive influence on sales.

The 1939 Sixty Special was a sales success and its influence was immense on the automobile industry.
The absence of running boards was an innovation for a GM car, but was soon to spread to other Cadillac models as well as US cars generally by 1941
The Cadillac Sixty was an elaborate automobile as shown in this brochure. This car sold for $2,090.
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