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auburn851_12886.gif (20861 bytes) The powerful hood and grille shape of the Gordon Buehrig -designed Auburn 851 Boat-tail Speedster features front fenders that curve into the body, like wings poised for flight.

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There were virtually no changes between the 1935 and the 1936 models of Auburn, though designation progressed from 851 to 852. 

1936 Auburn Type 852 Boat-tail Speedster.007.jpg (44804 bytes)
Cord probably lost money on every speedster sold (at $2,245), but they attracted customers into the showrooms.

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1933 Auburn V12 Boat-tail Speedsterpinkconvert.jpg (39034 bytes) A predecessor of Gordon Buehrig's type 851 speedster, this V12 and the earlier Auburn speedsters were the work of Al Leamy.
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Another view of the 1933 Auburn V12 Boat-tail Speedster

gt3051.jpg (19874 bytes)
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Note the beautifully sleek lines. This model was designed by Buehrig in a brief interval in his work on the new Cord 810.

1936 Auburn Boat-tail Speedstershelby2x.jpg (24950 bytes)

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